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Friday, January 1, 2010

Hits of '09|Songs that Swooned My 09

revamped by jaijai gamutan, jr

"*Maligayang Bagong Taon!"

*translation = Happy New Year!
Before hand, I am just gonna say that this is not a countdown of the most played/listened/top songs of 2009 but its my personal choice of who's hot or not this year. I do not succumbed to that fact that I do not direct who's songs made the 5 stars this year but this is an unbiased choice of songs ranging from the centers of mainstream to the deepest of opus classical folk songs.
These songs may not be at the top of your choice or may be part of your 2009 playlist but I assure you that nothing beats Some Kind of Euphony version. *laughs*. This is Some Kind of Euphony's Hits of 2009!

2009 was quite a year for us. I wish to thank those who still supported Some Kind of Euphony even in the hardest of time. We all set our priorities and nonetheless, we did what we have to do. So cheers to love, peace and light everyone! I tell you. There is still 365 days to look forward to. Correction, minus 1 - 364 days as of Philippine Time.

Happy 2010!

Heaps of Love,
Jaijai Gamutan, Jr.

These songs are listed in a no particular order. Have fun downloading!
*ill just update the post so you can listen to the tracks

Under the Sheets | Ellie Goulding
Raindrops | Basement Jaxx
The Spell | Alphabeat "80's disco glam"
Walking on a Dream | Empire of The Sun
You Belong With Me | Taylor Swift "I am not horsing. I am serious about this one. haha. friends do affect song choices."

Rollerblades | Eliza Doolittle "She's to watch for"
Hurtful | Erik Hassle
I Am Not a Robot(acoustic) | Marina and the Diamond
Put It in a Love Song(feat. Beyonce) | Alicia Keys
Thong Song | Glee Cast

Empire State of Mind(feat. Alicia Keys) | Jay-Z "in new york, new york (one of my most unforgettable songs of 2009)"
Half of My Heart(feat. Taylor Swift) | John Mayer
Remedy | Little Boots "Meddle is also recommended"
My Girls | Animal Collective
Things Will Never Be The Same Again | jj

Bad Romance | Lady Gaga "Rara-raaaaaa-aaah rama raaaaaa-aaah"
Laughing With a Mouth of Blood | St.Vincent
Don't Upset The Rhythm | Noisettes
3 | Britney Spears
Tik Tok | Ke$ha "I really don't like her but I must admit that this is orgasm to my ears. :)

Dog Days are Over | Florence and the Machine "really hypnotizing and unrelenting voice control"
Blame It on the Girls | Mika "The album is too precious for downloads, buy your own copy. The album is worth to listen especially this track!"
You've Changed | Sia
Your Love is My Drug | Ke$ha "I still don't like her but how can i not notice these pop smashes? Its too die for in the dance floor. FYI. These are the only hits that I really appreciate in her album - Animal"
Alone | Dan Black

Meet Me in the Garden | Dent May and the Ukulele
Hatin' on the Club | Rihanna "too bad Riri decided not to make a video for this song. That would have been awesome."
Shark in the Water | VV Brown "juicy pop"
DJ | Alphabeat
One Life Stand | Hot Chip "I can't afford to miss their release date of the album this 2010! Eargasmic!."

Stillness is the Move | Dirty Projectors
Lisztomania | Phoenix
1901 | Phoenix
Here Comes Your Man | Meaghan Smith "poignant"
Laundry Room | Avett Brothers

I'm an Animal | Neko Case
Psychic City(Voo doo City) | Yacht
Daniel | Bat for Lashes
She Wolf | Shakira
Heavy Cross | The Gossip

Animal | Miike Snow "Such a gem."
Periodically Double or Triple | Yo La Tengo
Two Weeks | Grizzly Bear
Horchata | Vampire Weekend "I adore this much."
Celebration (feat. Akon) | Madonna

Comments are very much appreciated. Thank You!


Anonymous said...

your posts are smokin'!!!
do you have a zip file for this? pls upload.

gatz said...

sakto jud ang tik tok

jaijai gamutan, jr said...

i think that is not possible. ill be leaving for school tomorrow so i think the zip file might be late. sorry. thank you again whoever you are.

gatz: thanks. hiihi.

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