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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Back to School

revamped by jaijai gamutan, jr

I get it. I need to have a bachelor's degree and I have to do good in my studies. Right. But posting will be back on track as soon as I get there. Meanwhile, listen to some of these hiatus tracks. Comments are great - just click below.

I wanna thank everyone for viewing and especially to a close friend of mine who gave me the impetus on updating this blog.


"I just love bus rides. Can't wait."

Alphabeat - Black and Gold (Sam Sparro cover)
Lady Gaga - Eh Eh(Nothing Else I Can Say)
Ben Folds - Brainwashed

"I can't get over this song. Such a Ben Folds bummer."
Colby O'Donis feat. T-Pain - Natural High(prod. by Konvict)
Tender Forever - My Love (Justin Timberlake cover)
Stereophonics - Nothing Compares to You (Sinead O'Connor cover)
The Coral - I Remember When
Various Artists (Beyonce, Mariah, Rihanna...) - Just Stand Up (Breast cancer campaign)
The Dodos - Undeclared
"You! Better download this track or else. *laughs*. It's my way of saying - it's a must-have track"
Tiger City - Red Lips
Au Revoir Simone - Sad Song (Pacific remix)
M.I.A. - Shells(slow)