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Friday, October 31, 2008

This Is Ivy League

revamped by jaijai gamutan, jr

Tough luck if you're thinkin' that Ivy League is just all about jugglin those sweat shoes and body brawling. Yeah. This isn't an athletic conference of some sort. This Is Ivy Leagues is a great indie-rock pop duo that has received voluminous and sundry accolades in musicology. Sorry. That's way too uber. Hah!

Wiki is great. According to them, Alex got on an educational hiatus and studied culinary arts. Bistro-maker-wannabe slash rocker. Great, now would ever thought of a rocker who would study cooking.

Why on earth am i posting this? Simple. It spells great. The vibes are up-to-beat and you can just tacitly sing to their tunes while waiting for class to end. Now that's what I call an escape. Download and listen to some of the tracks. Enjoy. Comments are appreciated.

"London bridge is falling down... london bridge is falling down.."(cant help singin it)
Crown of Love
London Bridges
The Richest Kids
"My favorite track."


J - Dawn said...

Jai igaat!

kitymeow said...

jai!li jpn mpamnaw ang ubang songs..