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Thursday, May 29, 2008

To a friend with LOVE

revamped by jaijai gamutan, jr

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you're much-awaited celebration took you by surprise, isn't it? Well my friend, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday Mae! Oooohh. You may be dazzled by how we came up with a plan but surely, you're someone never forgotten deep within the chambers of our hearts. For she's a jolly good fellow. For she's a jolly good fellow. For she's a jolly good fellow. For she's a jolly gooooooood feeellllooooow! Which nobody cant deny.!

And hei! I've got a song. Not the typical birthday song but should i say.. a touch of a cluster of modernizing. uh.huh. heard it right sister. just dig in!

Wishes??? Simple.

We wish you all the best of what your heart desires, period. Happy 18th Birthday MAE! Love yah smuch!

your ostentatious loving friends.

sorry bout the date. I'll try fixing it, darn!


Daisy said...

ei say my greetings to Mae??
hehheeheh... just being frendli jajai..
ug asa man amo ani??
ala jud kuy huh...