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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Puppini Sisters got me going crazy over 40's rock

revamped by jaijai gamutan, jr

A hundred times I have heard so much renditions of some retro music but surely, The Puppini Sisters defied the rest. An inspiring 1940-close-harmony-trio. And Hey! They are not related with each other. They chose their name in tribute to The Andrews Sisters Puppini. Not bad! For one thing, their scrumptious songs makes me wanting for more!

Note: Their song kills! ;)

Wuthering Heights by The Puppini Sisters

In The Mood by The Puppini Sisters

Wuthering Heights
In The Mood


Daisy said...

ei that was cute huh...
i thought is kinda oldie but its nice though...
y'd u choose that one??